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Improving Waste Diversion

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Improving Waste Diversion

Ontario Government Proposes Legislation to Increase Recycling, Create Jobs

Ontario is proposing legislation that, if passed, would require producers to take responsibility for recycling the products they sell.

The proposed Waste Reduction Act would encourage producers to turn more waste into new products, and in doing so generate new investment and create jobs. Ontario's proposed Waste Reduction Strategy, also released today for public and stakeholder feedback, sets out a blueprint and timeline for how and when the proposed act would be implemented. 

The proposed Waste Reduction Act and strategy would:

  • Boost recycling in the industrial, commercial and institutional sector, starting with paper and packaging waste.
  • Protect consumers from surprise eco-fees by making sure that recycling costs are included in the advertised price of a product. This move will also incent companies to look for ways to make their recycling processes more economical and stay competitive.
  • Improve oversight and accountability of waste diversion by clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of individual producers, the provincial government, municipalities and a new Waste Reduction Authority.
  • Allow for greater producer funding of the Blue Box program, easing the financial burden on municipal property taxpayers.
  • Foster innovation in product and packaging design.

Recycling more waste is part of the new Ontario government's plan to create jobs and build a stronger, greener economy for future generations.

Quick Facts

  • Recycling generates ten times more jobs than disposal.
  • Every additional 1,000 tonnes of recycled waste generates seven new jobs.
  • About 60 per cent of Ontario’s waste is produced by industries, businesses and institutions such as shopping malls, hospitals and offices, but only 13 per cent of it is recycled.
  • About 12 million tonnes of waste is generated in Ontario every year.

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“We want an Ontario where waste becomes worth in the form of a cleaner environment, new investment, new recycling factories, new jobs and new Ontario-made products. Our proposed legislation can help get us there.”

Jim Bradley

Minister of the Environment

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