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Rocking Around the Rutabaga and Other Green Ideas for the Holidays

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Rocking Around the Rutabaga and Other Green Ideas for the Holidays

Get Into the Holiday Spirit with These Easy, Environmentally Friendly Tips

Are you dashing through the stores on a mission to buy gifts for your loved ones or preparing for a holiday party? Being kind to the environment this holiday season is easy with these handy tips:

  • Brighten up your table with Ontario potted plants and fresh cut flowers.
  • Use your handheld device to read recipes and sing carols -- printing is so yesterday!
  • Buy local by rustling up some local rutabagas and other delicious Ontario food. Just look for the Foodland Ontario logo. While you're at it, discover Ontario wines and craft beer to complement any Ontario meal.
  • Find a fir, pick a pine or select a spruce that's locally grown. Just look for the Ontario Wood tag.
  • Bah hum-bug -- can't get the right gifts? Start new traditions with homemade gifts, re-gifting and donations to local charities.
  • Wrap gifts with recycled paper, cloth and ribbon ties to reduce waste this season!
  • Bring nature indoors with pinecones and evergreen branches.
  • Send festive electronic invitations or emails. Or surprise your guests with a phone call!

Quick Facts

  • Recycling generates ten times more jobs than disposal.
  • Every additional 1,000 tonnes of recycled waste generates seven new jobs.
  • Ontario food is good for you and your family, for local communities and for the environment.

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“Buying local reduces our environmental footprint and supports Ontario businesses. We can all enjoy a joyous holiday season with environmentally friendly holiday traditions. In my family we look forward to buying a local Christmas tree and having a festive dinner with family and friends that includes a selection of locally grown foods.”

Jim Bradley

Minister of the Environment

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