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Individual Fined $2,000 For Pesticide Discharge

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Individual Fined $2,000 For Pesticide Discharge

Chatham - An individual from Chatham-Kent was fined $2,000 for using a pesticide, namely glyphosate not in accordance with the label for the pesticide.

Robert M. Havens owns a farm property located in Chatham-Kent. Mr. Havens sprayed his bean crops with the pesticide called Roundup Original. Roundup is a pesticide containing the active ingredient glyphosate and its use is restricted under the Pesticides Act. At the time of the application, winds were gusty. The pesticide label and the regulation specifically warn not to apply the pesticide when the winds are gusty and in excess of eight miles per hour, as it may result in drifting.

Mr. Havens was fined $2,000 plus victim fine surcharge of $500 and was given 120 days to pay the fine.

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