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Minister's Statement on Ontario's Climate Change Leadership in Peru

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Minister's Statement on Ontario's Climate Change Leadership in Peru

Today, Glen Murray, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, released the following statement on the Conference of the Parties (COP20) in Lima, Peru:

"Ontario's leadership and that of other subnational jurisdictions during a successful week at COP20 has shown the world that subnational action on climate change and greenhouse gas reductions is building the path to a low-carbon economy.

Ontario continued building our international and regional partnerships, meeting with representatives of subnational governments from around‎ the world to push for action at the national level prior to the Paris COP21 conference. Despite being smaller than previous COP conferences, subnationals were present in strong numbers due to the growing recognition that provinces, states and cities have the capacity and jurisdiction to lead in addressing climate change. I look forward to continuing this important work with our partner jurisdictions during the Climate Summit of the Americas in Toronto next summer.  

Our recent actions on climate change include:

  • Hosting the Climate Summit of the Americas, to be held July 7-9, 2015 in Toronto, aligned with the Pan American Economic Summit.
  • Signing a Joint Statement on Climate Change with California, Quebec and British Columbia, recognizing the urgency of addressing climate change and working together towards mid-term greenhouse gas reduction goals.
  • Signing the Compact of States and Regions which commits international partners to publicly reporting on greenhouse gas emissions every year. Signatories to the compact represent 313 million people and 11 per cent of the world economy.
  • Working with all provinces to push for greater prominence of climate change in the Canadian Energy Strategy, which includes co-ordinated efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

‎Responding to the challenges of climate change is creating new economic opportunities for Ontario in areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency and clean technologies. Ontario's environmental sector has 3,000 firms, employs 65,000 people, and is worth an estimated $8 billion in annual revenues and $1 billion in export earnings."

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