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Sewage Hauler Fined $2,500 For Non-compliance

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Sewage Hauler Fined $2,500 For Non-compliance

Pembroke - A sewage hauler was fined $2,500 for failing to comply with an Environmental Compliance Approval, contrary to section 186(3) of the Environmental Protection Act. 

Mr. Daly possesses an approval from the ministry which allows the operation of the waste management system. The waste may only be taken to a waste site that has a current hauled sewage disposal site information form, submitted and approved by the ministry.

A routine inspection determined that the company had used two hauled sewage sites that had expired hauled sewage disposal information forms.  The first of the expired sites had been used 39 times, with 42,200 gallons of sewage deposited, and the second had been used 38 times and 45,400 gallons of sewage deposited.  Records obtained from the company confirmed that waste sewage had been spread at these sites after the expiry of the forms.  Subsequently, the matter was referred for investigation.

Mr. Daly, operating as Shamrock Enterprises was convicted of two offences and was fined $2,500 plus a victim surcharge fine of $625 and was given six months to pay the fine.

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