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Recognizing Outstanding Achievements in Environmental Protection

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Recognizing Outstanding Achievements in Environmental Protection

Ontario Celebrates Local Environmental Innovation

Nine groups across Ontario have demonstrated their strong commitment to environmental excellence by using innovative approaches and new technologies to protect the Great Lakes and the environment.

The recipients of the 2013 Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence collaborated with schools, industry leaders and volunteers to restore wildlife habitat, conserve water and energy, and prevent pollutants and nutrients from entering our Great Lakes. The recipients are:  

  • County of Simcoe
  • Regional Municipality of Durham
  • Alderville First Nation Black Oak Savanna
  • Murray and Wilma Scott
  • Western University
  • Teknion Limited
  • Credit Valley Conservation and IMAX Corporation
  • Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) Ontario
  • Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association
Recognizing environmental excellence is part of Ontario's plan to build a stronger economy, create new jobs and promote innovative ways to protect the environment.

Photo (left to right):

First Row (bottom from left): Rick Beaver, Alderville First Nation Black Oak Savanna; Janine McLeod, Alderville First Nation Black Oak Savanna; Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Glen Murray; Willma Bureau, Simcoe County

Second Row: Craig Bartlett, Regional Municipality of Durham; Mirka Januszkiewicz, Regional Municipality of Durham; Mary Quintana, Western University; Christine Zimmer, Credit Valley Conservation Authority; Doug Little, Simcoe County

Third Row: Doug Hietkamp, Teknion Limited; Ted Williamson, Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association; Seija Deschenes, Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association; Lynn Bishop, Alternative Land Use Services(ALUS); Peter Clarke, Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS)

Fourth Row (top, from left): Gene Varaschin, Teknion Limited; Dan Larkin, Western University
in the Legislative Building, Queen's Park, January 20, 2015

Quick Facts

  • The Minister’s Award for Environmental Excellence recognizes and encourages environmental excellence, fosters innovation and raises awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.
  • Since 2011, the program has recognized the environmental achievements of 40 organizations.

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“Today we celebrate just a few of the most outstanding efforts of individuals, groups, and companies in protecting our environment. We hope the examples we see today inspire others to be innovators in protecting our natural heritage; not only because it’s good for the environment, but because innovation helps build a strong economy, and create new jobs.”

Glen Murray

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

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