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Safely Eat Ontario Fish

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Safely Eat Ontario Fish

Ontario Releases New Fish Guide

To find out which Ontario fish and how much are safe to eat, check the Guide to Eating Ontario Fish.

The guide:

  • Covers more than 2,300 locations around the province, including over 260 new locations.
  • Helps you identify fish and angling destinations with lower contaminant levels.
  • Provides better information for people who eat fish they catch every day.

Quick Facts

  • The Guide to Eating Ontario Fish is published every two years to provide detailed information on the amount of Ontario fish that can be safely consumed based on Health Canada guidelines.
  • Started in 1976, Ontario’s program for monitoring contaminants in sport fish is the largest program of its kind in North America.
  • The guide is available online and print copies are available at select government offices and retail outlets (e.g., LCBO, The Beer Store, Walmart, Canadian Tire, and bait and tackle shops).

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“Clean water is vital to quality of life, and to the fish we eat. So whether you eat Ontario fish every day or on the occasional fishing trip, check the Guide to Eating Ontario Fish to find out which fish and how much are safe to eat.”

Glen Murray

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

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