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Support for Ontario's Leadership on Climate Change

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Support for Ontario's Leadership on Climate Change

February 12, 2015

"Ontario's largest and fastest-growing source of carbon pollution is transportation. Changing that trend will be a challenge, but it's also a tremendous opportunity. Many of the actions Ontario needs to take on climate change - such as investing in public transit or allowing more people to get around without a car - are the exact same measures that will fight traffic and make our neighbourhoods more liveable."

- Cherise Burda, Ontario Director, Pembina Institute

"Climate change represents one of the most pressing public policy issues facing Canada and the rest of the world for the foreseeable future. Today's announcement is a positive development which will broaden the conversation while ensuring the province remains competitive."

- Doug Porter, Chief Economist, BMO Financial Group

"It is encouraging to see Premier Wynne's government taking a leadership role to address the global threat of climate change. We are eager to do our part to further reduce GHGs through the proposed new regulation enabling the use of low-carbon fuels in our sector while maintaining cross-border competitiveness, and we look forward to working with the government to ensure the full environmental impacts are factored into key decisions in such areas as transportation, buildings and energy production."‎

- Michael McSweeney, President and CEO, Cement Association of Canada

"We applaud the leadership the Government of Ontario is displaying by launching an inclusive consultation program to implement an impactful climate change framework that will entrench sustainability in Ontario's economy. As a leading corporate citizen committed to reducing the overall environmental impact of our domestic and international operations, we would welcome the opportunity to collaborate on this initiative."

- Andrea Goertz, Chief Sustainability Officer, TELUS

"Many events linked to our changing climate adversely affect lung health. These include extremely hot or cold weather, more natural disasters such as forest fires, disrupted precipitation patterns and the introduction of new sources of pollen that accompanies the spread of new plant species. The Ontario Lung Association looks forward to joining the discussion on strategies to combat the multiple health and other threats posed by climate change."

- George Habib, President and CEO, Ontario Lung Association

"Greyhound Canada takes its commitment to the environment seriously by providing solutions for an increasingly congested world, and so applauds the Government of Ontario for engaging both businesses and individual citizens with respect to our common efforts to reduce carbon emissions."

- Stuart Kendrick, Executive Vice-President, Greyhound Canada

"Agriculture currently produces only 6% of Ontario's emissions, but we can provide at least double that amount in terms of the solution. Ontario's agriculture sector is already doing more with less, and we will continue to bring forward innovative solutions to help reduce emissions and store more carbon in soils. We look forward to engaging the discussion about Ontario's next climate change strategy."

- Don McCabe, President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

"The waste management sector has played an important role in helping to move Ontario to a low carbon economy by driving resource efficiency through recycling and composting; implementing landfill gas and energy recovery systems; and improving fleet efficiencies. These changes are in both Ontario's economic and environmental interests. We look forward to this important discussion and finding solutions to drive even greater resource efficiencies."

- Rob Cook, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario Waste Management Association

"This document aims to make Ontario a winner in the growing global clean energy economy. That's exactly the right direction for the province's economic and environmental future."

- Merran Smith, Director, Clean Energy Canada

"Detour Gold would welcome the opportunity to contribute to a dialogue with Ontario on the important issue of climate change. As a major consumer of fuel as well as other carbon based materials such as reagents the mine is making efforts to improve efficiencies to reduce both GHG impacts and costs. We would hope to contribute to the development of pragmatic future controls that will support any changes on how these materials are managed and to ensure that such changes achieve the intended objectives."

- Jim Robertson, Vice President, Environment and Sustainability, Detour Gold

"Climate Action Network Canada welcomes Ontario's commitment to strengthen its efforts to protect the climate for the sake of the health, safety and well-being of all its citizens."

- Louise Comeau, Executive Director, Climate Action Network Canada

"As a result of Ontario's world class forest management and the leadership of OFIA's members on energy conservation and bio-energy, Ontario's forest product sector is well positioned to support the Ontario government in developing a climate change strategy. We look forward to working with Minister Murray on a strategy that can seize on the opportunities of a low-carbon economy while maximizing the full benefits of a renewable natural resource like forestry."

- Jamie Lim, President and CEO, Ontario Forest Industries Association

"Doctors are delighted that Ontario is planning to put a price on carbon. Assuming the price signal is sufficiently strong, this will make a huge contribution to climate change mitigation, cleaner air, and healthier people. Ontario should also be commended for its plan to expand public transit, energy efficiency, and renewable power. These measures, when completed, will place Ontario in the forefront of climate leadership."

- Gideon Foreman, Executive Direction, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

"IBC welcomes the Ontario Government's Climate Change Discussion Paper. We have seen first-hand in recent years that severe weather events are taking their toll on Canadians, governments and industries. This discussion paper explores effectively the impact of our ever-changing climate. We congratulate the government for its demonstrated commitment to help build resilient and sustainable communities across the province. We look forward to working with the government and other stakeholders to develop and implement solutions to the problem of climate change."

- Don Forgeron, President & CEO, Insurance Bureau of Canada

"Getting Ontario ready for climate change will involve all of us working together. We applaud the Government for reaching out to Ontarians and getting them actively engaged in finding solutions that will improve our quality of life, the environment and the economy."

- Franz Hartmann, Executive Director, Toronto Environmental Alliance

"The Ontario Government is demonstrating great leadership in tackling the climate crisis. We look forward to engaging in the feedback process, particularly on carbon pricing, which will be an essential tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate disruption, while helping to diversify the economy and advance the province's clean technology sector."

- Cathy Orlando, National Manager, Citizens' Climate Lobby Canada

"Wind energy is an environmentally preferred choice of generating electricity. It is creating a healthier environment for all Ontarians and helping to combat climate change by producing electricity without consuming or contaminating water, emitting greenhouse gases, air pollutants, or hazardous waste of any kind. All this while providing Ontarians with well-paying, high-skilled jobs, and providing communities with additional revenues to meet essential services. Wind energy is helping Ontario develop much-needed flexibility to align electricity supply needs with changing economic and environmental circumstances."

- Robert Hornung, President Canadian Wind Energy Association

"NOVA Chemicals takes its commitment to the ethics of Responsible Care and specifically the environment very seriously, and so applauds the Government of Ontario for engaging both businesses and individual citizens with respect to our common efforts to reduce carbon emissions."

- Jim Dixon, Director of Responsible Care, NOVA Chemicals

"Nurses support robust action on climate change because we know it affects the entire ecosystem -- indeed, life itself. Ontario has shown forward thinking leadership in closing coal-fired generating plants, and now we have an opportunity to work together and show national and international leadership in decarbonizing our economy. An immediate health benefit will be sharp improvements in air quality. A swift and effective carbon pricing mechanism is essential to a climate change strategy."

- Dr. Doris Grinspun, CEO, Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario (RNAO)

"The Canadian Urban Transit Association commends the Government of Ontario for its leadership and bold initiative in tackling climate change. As the transportation sector represents 34% of GHG emissions in Ontario, it is clear that public transit and other sustainable mobility options must be at the fore front of our efforts to improve our environmental performance. Investing in transit represents a sound environmental decision; the industry will work hand-in-hand with the government and other stakeholders to become even more environmentally friendly through the development and adoption of alternative energy solutions and technological improvement".

- Michael Roschlau, President and CEO of the Canadian Urban Transit Association.

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