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Support for Ontario Capping Greenhouse Gas Pollution

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Support for Ontario Capping Greenhouse Gas Pollution

"This is a bold move from the province of Ontario - and the challenge we face demands further action from other states and provinces around the world. There's a human cost to the billions of tons of carbon spewing into our atmosphere and there must be a price on it."

-- Edmund G. Brown Jr., California Governor

 "Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is essential to ensure healthy habitats go hand-in-hand with economic well-being. WWF welcomes the leadership shown by the Province of Ontario to reduce carbon emissions using a price on carbon and looks forward to working with all the necessary partners to make it a reality."

-- David Miller, CEO and President, World Wildlife Fund Canada

"It is great to see Ontario moving forward on a cap and trade system to price carbon across the province. This is a huge move that will help Ontario meet our greenhouse gas targets and drive new revenue into green infrastructure and the green economy. We applaud the Wynne government for taking this bold step forward."

-- Geoff Cape, CEO, Evergreen

"Today's move by Ontario is an important piece of what will doubtless be a robust climate action plan. Carbon pricing is rapidly emerging as 'the new normal'--close to half of the world's GDP is already covered by some form of emissions price. We're thrilled Ontario has joined this growing league of global leaders."

-- Merran Smith, Director, Clean Energy Canada

"Climate change represents one of the most pressing public policy issues facing Canada and the rest of the world for the foreseeable future. We have seen first-hand in recent years that severe weather events are taking their toll on Canadians, governments and industries. Today's announcement is a positive development which, paired with meaningful adaptation efforts, will position Ontario as a leader while ensuring the province remains competitive."

-- Charles Brindamour, Chief Executive Officer, Intact Financial Corporation

"As provinces look at ways to achieve their climate commitments, Ontario is showing what is possible. Our research shows that pricing carbon is the most practical and cost-effective way for provinces to address climate change."

-- Chris Ragan, Chair, Canada's Ecofiscal Commission

"Our environment -- and our economy -- needs a price on carbon. A well-designed cap and trade system that is sensitive to trade related competitiveness issues will guarantee emissions reductions while sending a signal to the market that rewards good environmental behaviour.  Further, by reinvesting cap-and-trade proceeds in resilient low-carbon infrastructure and innovation, Ontario can reduce greenhouse gases while supporting a more robust and competitive provincial economy."

-- Michael McSweeney, President and CEO, Cement Association of Canada

"alPHa congratulates the Ontario government for its continued emphasis on healthy public policy.  The introduction of a cap and trade system will provide an economic incentive for companies to further reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming and have substantial impacts on human health." 

-- Dr. Penny Sutcliffe, President, Association of Local Public Health Agencies

"Many events linked to our changing climate adversely affect lung health, including prolonged extreme temperatures, more natural disasters such as forest fires, disrupted patterns of precipitation and the introduction of new sources of pollen that accompanies the spread of new plant species. The Ontario Lung Association is pleased to hear the government is moving to propose a carbon pricing strategy that could address the multiple health and other threats posed by climate change."

-- George Habib, President and CEO, Ontario Lung Association

"Farmers in Ontario work with the natural environment to produce over 200 agricultural products across a diverse geography. Farmers are already taking steps to innovate and identify efficiencies that will help to reduce energy, fuel and other costs on their operations. The Ontario Government's commitment to carbon pricing reinforces our fight against climate change and we look forward to working with them."

-- Don McCabe, President, Ontario Federation of Agriculture

"Ontario's commitment to meeting its 2020 target is welcome news. Congratulations on pricing carbon pollution."

-- Louise Comeau, Executive Director, Climate Action Network Canada

"Doctors are very pleased Ontario is moving ahead with carbon-pricing because doing so can provide enormous benefits for human health and the environment. Assuming the price signal is sufficiently strong, we look forward to major developments in clean technology and dramatic reductions in emissions. Ontario's visionary leadership in eliminating coal power -- along with today's announcement on carbon-pricing -- stand in stark contrast to the federal government's inaction on this file."

-- Gideon Forman, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

"The Canadian Wind Energy Association congratulates the Ontario Government and welcomes its efforts to develop a climate change strategy that includes a price on carbon emissions. The cost-competitiveness of clean and climate friendly wind energy positions it well to help Ontario transition to a low-carbon energy future."

--  Robert Hornung, President, Canadian Wind Energy Association

"Premier Wynne's government is taking a leadership role in the global fight against climate change, while expanding economic opportunities for Ontario in the emerging clean-energy economy.  A well-designed cap and trade system will level the playing field between polluting and non-polluting energy sources, providing a much-needed incentive to develop and commercialize the sustainable technologies of the future right here in Ontario."

-- John Gorman, President and CEO, CanSIA

"Ontario's commitment to link carbon-pricing to resource productivity is a powerful signal that the province is ready to play a leading role expanding the low carbon global economy."

-- Toby Heaps, CEO, Corporate Knights

"Tembec recognizes the need to improve productivity, performance and the competitiveness of our economy through new technologies and modernization. We congratulate the Government of Ontario on announcing a carbon pricing system to reduce emissions while growing the local economy and jobs." 

-- Jim Lopez, President and CEO, Tembec

"GM Canada sees tackling climate change as both a necessity and an economic opportunity. As Ontario moves to place a value on carbon, we will work together and support the development of market mechanisms that are effective, protect our manufacturing competiveness and support consumers interested in adopting new technologies, like our Chevrolet electric vehicles."

-- David Paterson, Vice President, Corporate & Environmental Affairs, General Motors Canada

"With every leading jurisdiction we compete with studying cap and trade models, it is important that this Province continues to be a leader in the formulation and implementation of global best practices. We look forward to being part of that policy initiative and partnering in a responsible future."

-- Flavio Volpe, President, Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA)

"Ontario's decision to support cap and trade is a significant step forward for both the province and the nation. Today our largest economy and most populous province has set an example for other regions and jurisdictions to follow, and we applaud their leadership in taking definitive action on climate change."

-- Ross McMillan, President & CEO, Tides Canada

"As a hydrogen clean tech leader, Hydrogenics values the creation of a carbon pricing mechanism to provide a pathway for both established industries and new entrants to adopt clean technologies as part of Ontario's transition to a low carbon economy."

-- Daryl Wilson, President and CEO, Hydrogenics

"It is exciting to see Ontario leading the way by creating a marketplace for carbon. This move will spur investments into making our transportation infrastructure more efficient. Vehicle traffic represents 19 per cent of all of the CO2 emissions in Canada. Putting a price on emissions will bring the forces of innovation to bear on reducing them."

-- Kurtis McBride, CEO, Miovision

"The Canadian Fuels Association and its members support the Ontario Government's commitment to implement a comprehensive Climate Change policy for the province, including establishing a price on carbon."

-- Peter Boag, President, Canadian Fuels Association

"Premier Wynne and Environment Minister Murray have put forward an ambitious plan to address climate change in Ontario. As a trade association that promotes energy efficiency and whose members work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we welcome today's announcement as another step forward in addressing global warming."

-- Fred Clare, Vice President (Eastern Canada), International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators

"Nurses see climate change as an urgent health issue. We know that carbon emissions are the culprit, and that we can avoid an environmental disaster if we act swiftly now to reduce our emissions. A comprehensive and bold strategy -- with effective carbon pricing at its core -- is essential to protect the entire ecosystem and life itself.  This is why nurses applaud the Ontario government for showing national and international leadership in decarbonizing our economy. An immediate health benefit will be sharp improvements in air quality."

-- Dr. Doris Grinspun, CEO, Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario

"We applaud Ontario for moving forward and putting a price on carbon. A cap and trade system can be a very effective tool for combating climate change. There are currently no limits on the amount of carbon pollution allowed in Ontario. Cap and trade puts a limit on that pollution, and generates money that can be invested in the solutions we need, like clean energy, public transit, and energy efficiency. We look forward to working with the province on the design of the system."

-- Keith Brooks, Director, Clean Economy Program, Environmental Defence

"Capping and pricing carbon is an essential component of a robust, effective climate change program.  We applaud Ontario for this critical step in its transition to a low-carbon economy and for pledging to collaborate with other jurisdictions taking strong action."

-- Nathaniel Keohane, Vice President for International Climate at U.S.--based Environmental Defense Fund

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