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Uxbridge Business Owner Fined $18,000 For Non-compliance

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Uxbridge Business Owner Fined $18,000 For Non-compliance

Whitby - Uxbridge business owner fined $18,000 for failing to comply with a ministry order relating to an off-site water discharge.

George Murtry Eng is the owner of the property and operator of a peat extraction operation located in Uxbridge. Peat extraction is carried out in wetland areas. In order to access the peat, large pits are dug, substantial amounts of water are discharged off-site and then the peat is dug up. The peat is stockpiled on the ground and then trucked out for processing and sale.

Ministry staff became aware of the off-site water discharges and attended the site. The ministry observed significant amounts of water discharging off-site into Zephyr Creek.

A ministry order was issued requiring the owner to cease the off-site discharges of water and to obtain a ministry approval for a sewage works, in order to bring the site into compliance. Mr. Eng failed to comply with the order and significant amounts of off-site discharges continued without a ministry approval.

Mr. Eng was fined $18,000 plus a victim fine surcharge of $4,500 was given 10 years to pay the fine.

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