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Ontario Kicks Off Climate Summit of the Americas

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Ontario Kicks Off Climate Summit of the Americas

Leaders from Ontario, Quebec, California Taking Steps to Build, Expand North America’s Largest Carbon Market

Today Ontario officially opened the Climate Summit of the Americas and welcomed more than 300 delegates from 20 states and regions who will work towards commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and discuss opportunities to invest in a global low carbon economy.

The summit signals growing Pan-American consensus on the urgency of fighting climate change ahead of the United Nations' Conference of the Parties in Paris later this year. Jurisdictions participating in the summit will build on recent international successes in fighting climate change and will encourage national governments to take stronger action to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Notable keynote speakers at the summit include:

  • Al Gore, former U.S. vice-president and Nobel laureate
  • Jerry Brown, Governor of California
  • Felipe Calderón, chair of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate
  • Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec
  • Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario

Ontario, Quebec and California also took another step towards expanding North America's largest carbon market following Ontario's commitment to introduce a cap and trade program. The three jurisdictions are exploring opportunities for creating a linked cap and trade program to limit greenhouse gas pollution and forge a strong, prosperous low-carbon future for North America.

The Climate Summit of the Americas builds on the action that Ontario has already taken against climate change including setting a 2030 mid-term target for greenhouse gas pollution reduction, ending coal-fired electricity generation and electrifying and improving Ontario's commuter rail network.

Fighting climate change while keeping industries competitive and strong is part of the government's economic plan for Ontario. The four-part plan is building Ontario up by making the largest investment in public infrastructure in the province's history, investing in people's talents and skills, creating a dynamic, innovative environment where business thrives, and building a secure retirement savings plan.

Quick Facts

  • The 20 states and regions attending the summit have a combined GDP of $6.6 trillion.
  • Ontario's actions to close coal-fired electricity plants, electrify and improve the province's commuter rail network, curb the use of cosmetic pesticides and protect 1.8-million acres of land have resulted in fewer smog days and cleaner water.
  • According to the Conference Board of Canada, each $100 million invested in Ontario in climate-related technologies is estimated to generate a gain of $137 million in GDP, $25 million in tax revenue and 1,400 new jobs.

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“Throughout the Americas, states and provinces are taking the lead in the fight against climate change and creating new opportunities for trade, investment and growth. The Climate Summit of the Americas is an important step on this journey, particularly as we look for meaningful national targets to be set at the UN Climate Conference in Paris this December. The summit is also a chance to move forward with our plan to expand North America’s largest carbon market by linking the cap and trade program Ontario is developing to those of our Western Climate Initiative partners, Quebec and California. Together, we are building a more prosperous low carbon economy and demonstrating that good climate policy is good economic policy.”

Kathleen Wynne

Premier of Ontario

“Quebec and California have been leaders in the development of the carbon market and Ontario is also putting a limit on the main sources of greenhouse gas pollution through a cap and trade system. With the concerted efforts of all federated states we will achieve concrete results in the fight against climate change.”

Philippe Couillard

Premier ministre du Québec

“California and Ontario are working hand-in-hand to pave the road to Paris by convening states and provinces committed to doing their part,” said Governor Brown. “This is a call to arms in the fight against climate change and the Climate Summit of the Americas is another step forward.”

Edmund G. Brown Jr.

Governor of California

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