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Support for Climate Change Strategy

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Support for Climate Change Strategy

"The Government of Ontario is moving forward with an ambitious plan to address climate change. The David Suzuki Foundation has long said this problem requires greater use of public transit and zero-emission vehicles, the development of green infrastructure, and an "all-of-government" approach which sees climate protection as a responsibility of every ministry. We're gratified this is very much the Government of Ontario's thinking as well."

- Peter Robinson, CEO, The David Suzuki Foundation

"We all need to be part of climate change solutions. General Motors Canada is proud to be working with the Province of Ontario and our customers to deliver low GHG urban transportation solutions for the future ranging from our electric vehicles to smart investments in multi-modal transportation infrastructure systems."

- David W. Paterson, Vice President, Corporate & Environmental Affairs, General Motors of Canada and Chair, Canadian Chamber of Commerce

"With this climate strategy, Ontario has reconfirmed its dedication to transitioning to a low-carbon, clean economy, and capturing the many benefits this transition offers. Just as closing the coal plants saw smog days become a thing of the past and the Green Energy Act established Ontario as Canada's clean tech leader, this strategy will help position Ontario to realize a healthier, more prosperous future. We look forward to working with the government to develop the details of a strong plan for action in the months ahead."

- Tim Gray, Executive Director, Environmental Defence

"Both mitigation and adaptation must be part of an effective climate change strategy in order to protect Ontarians and our economy. This is why we strongly support the government's intention to integrate adaptation considerations into decision-making and infrastructure planning."

- Doug DeRabbie, Director, Government Relations, Ontario, Insurance Bureau of Canada

"Climate change is the public health challenge of our time. It is already claiming lives with extreme heat, insect-borne diseases, droughts and floods. We must take dramatic steps to slow climate change -- to save lives, to protect health."

- Kim Perrotta, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE)

"Ontario's climate strategy is an industrial blueprint that fuses environmental progress with economic growth, positioning the province to be a go-to global jurisdiction for low-carbon investment."

- Toby Heaps, CEO, Corporate Knights

"The measures outlined in today's climate change strategy will continue to build on Ontario's past climate leadership. In particular, we are encouraged to see the province outline steps to reduce emissions from its largest source, the transportation sector. We look forward to working with Ontario to ensure carbon emissions are explicitly considered in transportation, land-use planning and infrastructure decision-making going forward."

- Eli Angen, Ontario Director, Pembina Institute

"This is a timely and important initiative. Energy storage can play a key role in supporting Ontario's climate change strategy by storing excess energy from carbon-free generation to be used when needed instead of carbon-emitting generation. Ontario's energy storage sector is on the leading edge of the low-carbon economy bringing clean-tech innovation, economic development and jobs together to address climate change."

- Patricia Phillips, Executive Director, Energy Storage Ontario

"Ontario's low emitting electricity grid means that electrification can play an important role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transportation. By combining ambitious targets with support for EV charging and clean-tech innovation in the auto sector, Ontario is to be commended for positioning itself to be among the leaders in the global shift to low-emission and electric vehicles."

- Cara Clairman, President and CEO of Plug'n Drive

"The Canadian Solar Industries Association is very pleased to see continued progress on the development of climate change policy in Ontario. The solar industry has already contributed to Ontario's phase out of coal generation which has been North America's single largest action on climate change. As a distributed source of electricity, heating and cooling, solar can continue to play a role in emission reductions in our communities, industries, buildings and the transportation sector as we transition to the low-carbon economy envisioned in the Climate Strategy."

- John Gorman, President, Canadian Solar Industries Association

"The Canada Green Building Council commends Ontario's Climate Change Strategy and the inclusion of highly efficient buildings and high-density, transit-oriented communities as effective measures to reach carbon reduction targets. Building on our work with Ontario to develop a national energy benchmarking program, the CaGBC welcomes Ontario's support of net zero construction and will be leading a net zero national initiative and assessment process. This is in addition to encouraging the uptake of the LEED rating system which supports energy-efficiency and the use of low-carbon building materials -- an important element on the road to net zero."

- Thomas Mueller, President and CEO, Canada Green Building Council

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