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Support for Ontario's Waste Free Ontario Act

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Support for Ontario's Waste Free Ontario Act

"Unilever Canada welcomes Ontario's move to introduce the Waste Free Ontario Act and take the next step towards a prosperous zero waste future.  Extensive and broad consultations have led to new legislation that focuses more on outcomes than process and is essential to growing Ontario's recycling programs and encouraging all producers to continue investing in product and packaging innovation. We look forward to working with government, municipalities and producers on this important transition for all Ontarians."

- John Coyne, Vice-President and General Counsel, Unilever Canada

"This is an important step forward for the province today in embracing the move towards a circular economy, which will improve resource efficiency, reduce our environmental footprint, increase productivity, create local jobs and foster economic growth. It is also very timely as Canada and other international leaders are set to meet in Paris for COP21 to discuss how to address climate change.  The waste / resource management sector remains one of the best kept secrets to driving emission reductions and we are pleased the government is acknowledging this."

- Rob Cook, CEO of the Ontario Waste Management Association

"We welcome the Strategy for a Waste Free Ontario and are very pleased to see Ontario making the explicit link between waste and climate change and committing to a vision for a circular economy where Ontario produces zero waste. This strategy marks the beginning of a new approach to waste in Ontario. We look forward to working with the government to ensure the best outcomes to fight climate change, and protect the environment and human health."

- Keith Brooks, Clean Economy Program Director, Environmental Defense and Emily Alfred, Senior Campaigner, Toronto Environmental Alliance

"The Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) looks forward to working with the Ontario Government on this positive next step in waste reduction. The Government's approach to empower producers with more responsibility and flexibility will allow the non-alcoholic beverage industry to build on its long history of environmental stewardship and implement initiatives that increase recycling, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and further develop a circular economy in Ontario."

- Jim Goetz, President, Canadian Beverage Association

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