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Contractor Fined $3,500 For Constructing Storm Water Retention Pond Without Approval

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Contractor Fined $3,500 For Constructing Storm Water Retention Pond Without Approval

Belleville - Brookshire Meadows Developments Inc. operating as Brookshire Meadows Limited Partnership, pleaded guilty to one offence for construction a storm water retention pond without obtaining the necessary ministry approval, contrary to the Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA).

The company applied for permits to prepare a site in Trenton, for a new residential subdivision construction. There are several homes which utilize shallow "dug wells" to access the area's high water tables, in order to provide water to the homes. These homes are down-gradient of the Brookshire new home development.

Residents complained of surface water draining across their properties from the development. In response, the company constructed a "swale" along the east edge of the development to protect the residents' properties from the run-off. The swale was engineered to drain into a storm water retention pond. However, the swale and pond system did not stop the surface water from encroaching on the neighbouring properties.

At this time, residents began to complain of other issues that were not evident before, such as fine reddish/greyish silt collecting in bathtubs, sinks and toilets; the water described as smelling of iron or swamp; and that table-wear and shower curtains were stained with a reddish colouration.

No Environmental Approval Application (ECA) was received from the company during this time.

The company was convicted of one offence under the OWRA, and was fined $3,500 plus a victim fine surcharge of $875, for constructing a storm water retention pond without a ministry approval, and was given 90 days to pay the fine.

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