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Company Fined $7,500 For Non-Compliance

Archived Court Bulletin

Company Fined $7,500 For Non-Compliance

Brantford - Timco Foods Limited and company director, Rajkumar Selvaratnam pleaded guilty to two offences. The company was fined $7,500 plus a suspended sentence and Mr. Selvaratnam was issued two suspended sentences for failing to comply with two conditions of the company's Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), contrary to the Environmental Protection Act (EPA).

The company operates a rendering facility in the County of Brant. The facility operates under an approval which governs the use of a biofilter and maintaining a negative pressure facility environment, in order to remove odorous contaminants from air emissions prior to discharge.

Conditions require that the company to notify the ministry of a loss of airflow over the biofilter in writing within two business days of an event and also to monitor and record negative pressure measurements every five minutes, respectively.

The ministry received a complaint that there was an odour in the area. An investigation revealed that there was no external power from Hydro One to the facility for approximately seven hours, but this had not been reported to the ministry.

The company and its director were each convicted of two offences. The company was fined $7,500 plus a victim fine surcharge of $1,875 and Mr. Selvaratnam received two suspended sentences.

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