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Companies Fined $16,000 For Waste Violations

Archived Court Bulletin

Companies Fined $16,000 For Waste Violations

Cayuga - 2293330 Ontario Inc. and Sittler Excavating Limited each pleaded guilty to one offence and were fined $8,000 each for the offence of depositing waste upon land which is not a ministry approved waste disposal site, contrary to the Environmental Protection Act (EPA).

293330 Ontario Inc. owns a rural property in Elmira, and Sittler Excavating Limited operates a waste disposal site on a two hectare portion of the property.

Under ministry approval, the two hectares is approved for the transfer, processing and temporary storage of non-hazardous solid waste generated from industrial, commercial and construction and demolition sources. An inspection was prompted after the ministry received a complaint that waste was being burned at the property.

During the inspection of the property, the ministry observed a large pile of wood waste on fire inside a concrete block retaining structure that was not located within the approved two hectares.

The ministry also observed two Sittler employees involved in the burning of wood, who advised the ministry that five dump truck loads of wood waste had been transported to the structure and had been burned that day.

The companies were convicted of one offence each and were fined $16,000 total, plus a victim fine surcharge of $4,000 total, and were given 6 months to pay the fine.

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