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GreenON Programs Save Money and Fight Climate Change

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GreenON Programs Save Money and Fight Climate Change

Helping homeowners save money and energy with smart thermostats

The new GreenON Installations program will offer eligible Ontario residents a new smart thermostat to help them save money and energy at home.

The Green Ontario Fund will provide and install the thermostats at no cost on a first-come-first-served basis. Green Ontario Fund technicians will also provide a personalized home energy report to help individuals identify further ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Homeowners or renters living in single-detached, semi-detached, town homes or row homes are eligible to take part in the program. Renters must get approval from their landlords before taking part in the program. Residents living in multi-residential buildings are not eligible to take part in the GreenON Installations program.

Smart thermostats:

  • give consumers the choice and convenience of turning their home's temperature up or down, while at work or on vacation
  • are connected to the internet and can be used like a programmable thermostat
  • adjust themselves automatically based on time of day use patterns
  • can be programmed remotely through smartphones and will communicate with utility providers to lower energy usage and costs
  • can help residents reduce up to 260 kilograms of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Studies show that residents can save up to 15 per cent on their energy bills by adjusting the temperature a couple of degrees at night or when no one is home.

More Green Ontario Fund Programs

Ontario is investing $377 million from its cap on pollution and carbon market in the Green Ontario Fund to make it easier for businesses and households to adopt proven low‐carbon technologies. More programs for residents, businesses and industry will be announced in the coming months.
Over the next three years, the Green Ontario Fund will deliver programs and services outlined in Ontario's Climate Change Action Plan, including:

  • Up to $1.2 billion to help businesses and industries adopt low-carbon technologies
  • Up to $1.2 billion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in buildings

Greenhouse gas pollution from industry

Industrial activities make up more than a quarter of greenhouse gas emissions in Ontario. The province has already taken steps to support business and industry through its climate change policies. The cap and trade program provides numerous incentives, including transitional allowances, to help business and industry cut emissions.

Greenhouse gas pollution from buildings

Buildings, and the energy they consume, account for almost one quarter of Ontario's total greenhouse gas pollution. They are the third biggest source of greenhouse gas pollution in Ontario, after transportation and industry.

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