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Land Owner fined $3,500 for Failing to Comply with a Ministry Order

Archived Court Bulletin

Land Owner fined $3,500 for Failing to Comply with a Ministry Order

Convicted - Clifford Pilon

Location - Sudbury

Description of Offence -  The conviction relates to failing to comply with a ministry order to remove all fabrene material on a parcel of land.

Date of Offence - On or about October 2, 2016 and ending on or about February 22, 2017.

Date of Conviction - December 1, 2017

Penalty Imposed - Clifford Pilon was convicted of one offence under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), was fined $3,500 plus a victim fine surcharge (VFS) of $875 with 30 days to pay the fine.

Background - 

  • Mr. Clifford Ernest Pilon is a resident of North Bay and owns property in Nipissing District, North Bay.
  • In 2014, ministry staff had been involved with Mr. Pilon, in efforts to have waste material removed from the Nipissing property.
  • On June 20, 2014, ministry staff inspected the property and identified waste still on site but partially buried, with degraded pieces covering the ground.
  • On August 20, 2014, a ministry Order was issued to Mr. Pilon to clean up the site. The Order was not appealed, and the ministry did not receive a request for review. Mr. Pilon failed to comply with the order by the date indicated.
  • The incidents were referred to the ministry's Investigations and Enforcement branch, resulting in charges and one conviction.

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