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Manufacturing Company fined $50,000 for Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA) Violation

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Manufacturing Company fined $50,000 for Ontario Water Resources Act (OWRA) Violation

Convicted - A. P. Plasman, Inc.

Court Location - Windsor

Description of Offence -  The conviction relates to permitting the discharge of hydraulic oil into a catch basin that leads into an open drain that may have impaired  the watercourse's water quality.

Date of Offence - On or about May 13, 2016

Date of Conviction - July 9, 2018

Penalty Imposed - A. P. Plasman, Inc. was convicted of one violation under the Ontario Water Resources Act, and was fined $50,000 with 90 days to pay the fine.

Background - 

  • A.P. Plasman Inc. is a British Columbia incorporated company which operates several mold making/vehicle component manufacturing plants in Ontario, one of which is located on Outer Drive in Windsor.
  • There is a catch basin located in the plant's yard at the Outer Drive site. It discharges to a storm sewer that flows directly to an open drain that eventually flows into Turkey Creek.
  • On May 13, 2016, a truck struck a 1,000 litre container of hydraulic oil that was sitting in the yard. The collision resulted in the container being punctured and hydraulic oil spilled to the ground. The spilled oil flowed to the catch basin and then entered the open drain.   A minimum of 100 litres of hydraulic oil entered the catch basin and a portion entered the open drain.
  • On the same date ministry staff attended the catch basin at the plant and the open drain upstream. They observed oil in the catch basin and on the surface water in the open drain.
  • Legal samples were collected and tested. Ministry expert staff assessed the potential impact of the discharge of hydraulic oil into the open drain and concluded that the discharge had the potential to impair the watercourse water quality and injure animals and various forms of aquatic life.
  • The ministry's Investigations and Enforcement Branch investigated and laid charges resulting in one conviction.

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