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Pinery Provincial Park to Host Indigenous Deer Harvest


Pinery Provincial Park to Host Indigenous Deer Harvest

Pinery Provincial Park will close to the public from November 26 to 30, 2018 for a traditional Indigenous deer harvest. The harvest will begin one half-hour before sunrise and end at noon each day.

Ontario respects Aboriginal and treaty rights, as recognized and affirmed under the Constitution Act, 1982, and is committed to meeting the province's constitutional and other obligations regarding Indigenous peoples.

Indigenous harvesters will use rifles and archery equipment and follow agreed-upon safety measures and harvesting techniques.

Indigenous harvesting activities have taken place at this park in the past. Ministry staff will monitor access points to the park during the harvest.

For more information about the harvest, call Mark Custers, Park Superintendent of Pinery Provincial Park at (519) 243-8501.

Quick Facts

  • Pinery Provincial Park is located in Grand Bend, Ontario.
  • For many Indigenous communities in Ontario, hunting is a traditional activity recognized as an Aboriginal or treaty right. The local Indigenous community will use the harvested deer.
  • This will be the fifth year that an Indigenous deer harvest is conducted within Pinery Provincial Park. In past years, Indigenous deer harvests were held in Rondeau, Clear Creek Forest and Short Hills Provincial Parks.

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