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Waste Management Company fined $57,800 for Environmental Protection Act Violations

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Waste Management Company fined $57,800 for Environmental Protection Act Violations

Convicted - Promed Recycle Inc.

Court Location - Toronto

Description of Offence - The convictions relate to failing to meet specific ministry approval conditions including storing waste outdoors and failing to process waste within the confines of the site's transfer/processing building.

Date of Offence - On two separate dates; March 21, 2017 and June 27, 2017.

Date of Conviction - July 18, 2019

Penalty Imposed - Promed Recycle Inc. was convicted on three violations under the Environment Protection Act and was fined $57,800 plus the victim fine surcharge of $11,560 and was given two years to pay the fine.


  • Promed Recycle Inc. operates a waste disposal site at a location on Upton Road in Toronto. The company operates under a ministry approval for waste processing and storage.
  • In March 2017 and in June 2017, the ministry conducted site inspections and observed failures to meet ministry approval conditions. The company was warned about the concerns.
  • In July 2017, a third inspection identified unresolved concerns that included outdoor waste storage - other than recoverable recyclables - was continuing following earlier inspections. It was also identified that waste processing was occurring outdoors. Both practices were violations of the ministry's approval.
  • The ministry's Investigations and Enforcement Branch investigated and laid charges resulting in the convictions.

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