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Camp Owner Fined $3,000 for Ontario Water Resources Act Violation

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Camp Owner Fined $3,000 for Ontario Water Resources Act Violation

Convicted - Steven Jobin 

Court Location - Sturgeon Falls 

Description of Offence - The conviction relates to the unlawful alteration of a sewage works without a ministry approval. 

Date of Offence - during the period beginning on or about June 26, 2018 and ending on or about September 4, 2018. 

Date of Conviction - November 18, 2019  

Penalty Imposed - Steven Jobin was convicted on two violations under the Ontario Water Resources Act and was fined $3,000 plus a victim surcharge of $750 and was given two years to pay the fine.   


  • Mr. Jobin is the owner of a numbered company that operates a camp located in West Nipissing. 
  • In August 2016, ministry staff attended the site to follow up on concerns expressed by the municipality about a possible sewage works expansion.   
  • During discussions with Mr. Jobin, he described his intent to expand the camp and was in the process of constructing a shower washroom building.  
  • Mr. Jobin was advised that no alterations or additions could be made to the existing sewage works unless a ministry approval was obtained. 
  • In June 2018 during an inspection, a smaller unapproved sewage works was identified on-site. Also, an alteration in the form of a shower washroom building addition was operational and connected to the sewage works.   
  • A ministry order was issued to Mr. Jobin and the numbered company, which ordered four work items be completed by specific dates. The defendant failed to comply. 
  • The ministry's Investigations and Enforcement Branch investigated and laid charges resulting in one conviction. 

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