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Statement From The Government House Leader on the 2012 Ontario Budget

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Statement From The Government House Leader on the 2012 Ontario Budget

Government House Leader's Office

Today John Milloy, Government House Leader, released the following statement about the progress of the Budget Bill:

"Last month, the Ontario government reached an agreement with the NDP to move our budget plan forward, so that we can balance the budget and protect what matters most to us -- health care and education.

Now, the opposition's delay tactics are jeopardizing the budget deal by stalling the Budget Bill in the Legislature.

We need the Budget Bill to pass in order to move forward with our plan to make Ontario's economy stronger.

That includes the NDP tax on the wealthy and the freeze on corporate income tax.

The Bill has been blocked in the Legislature for over a month, having gone through over 15 hours of debate, including 4 hours of obstructionist bell-ringing.

There are only eight days left in the spring session.

We are going to take whatever steps are necessary to keep our plan to balance the budget on track.  That's why I will be tabling a Time Allocation motion next week that, if passed, will ensure timely passage of the Budget Bill.

It is a necessary step to get this budget passed.

It is what's required to show the credit rating agencies that this minority government can work and that we will achieve our balanced budget plan.

The NDP can choose to vote against the timely passage of the Budget Bill.

If they do so, we are prepared to sit until midnight every night and extend the Legislative Session into the summer months.

By not helping the Budget Bill progress, the NDP would be jeopardizing the budget deal and stalling legislation that will help Ontario balance the budget by 2017-18 while we grow our economy and protect the gains we have achieved in health care and education.

It's time to pass the budget and move forward, together to build a stronger economy and create jobs for Ontario families."

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