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Modernizing Ontario's Integrity Legislation

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Modernizing Ontario's Integrity Legislation

The Members' Integrity Amendment Act, 2010 will update the code of conduct for members of the Ontario legislature. The existing legislation has not been updated since it was passed in 1994 and took effect in 1995.

The act aims to increase transparency and accountability in government in a number of ways.

Clarify obligations

The act clarifies the requirements for former members of Cabinet, including post-employment obligations.

Address existing gaps

The act's requirements are extended to include:

  • members of the Legislative Assembly during the period leading up to an election
  • members of Cabinet who are not members of the Legislative Assembly
  • leaders of recognized political parties who are not members of the Legislative Assembly.

Make requirements consistent with current practices

The act requires that public disclosure statements be made accessible to the public online.

Strengthen the Integrity Commissioner's role

The act gives the Integrity Commissioner greater authority and:

  • authorizes the commissioner to advise former members of Cabinet on their obligations under the act
  • permits the commissioner to recommend a reprimand when a former member has breached the act.