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Campus Renewal In Ontario's Universities

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Campus Renewal In Ontario's Universities

The Government of Ontario is investing $200 million in the maintenance and renewal of facilities at all of Ontario's publicly-funded universities.

Part of the three-year, $970 million Building Places to Learn investment announced in the 2008 Budget, the campus renewal funding will go toward:

  • Repairs to buildings and equipment
  • Alterations and renovations to improve the learning environment for students
  • Campus safety and security enhancements
  • Improvements and efficiency upgrades to water and energy systems, and
  • Improvements to barrier-free access for students with disabilities.

All of Ontario's publicly-funded universities will receive a share of this funding, which they can spend on projects that will benefit their campuses most.

This funding is part of the ambitious commitment in the 2008 Budget to expand government investment in postsecondary education and training. Funding in the budget included a total of $1.5 billion invested over three years in Ontario's postsecondary institutions and training programs. This includes:

  • $560 million to expand and improve training and apprenticeship programs across the province
  • $465 million to provide more support for students, including the new textbook grant. Every full-time college and university student will now benefit from a new Textbook and Technology Grant, with grants of $150 per student this fall, $225 in the fall of 2009 and $300 in subsequent years.
  • $970 million invested in Ontario's colleges and universities to expand and improve facilities and equipment.



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