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Creating Research Opportunities For Ontario Students

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Creating Research Opportunities For Ontario Students

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

Up to 1,750 new research internship opportunities are expected to be created in Ontario after an investment of almost $17 million over four years. Funding will also be provided by the federal government and the private sector.

The internship program is being administered by the Mathematics of Information Technology and Complex Systems (MITACS) organization. MITACS is a national non-profit network of Centres of Excellence that works with governments, universities and the private sector across Canada to establish research internship opportunities.

MITACS is located on the Simon Fraser University campus in British Columbia and has an office in Ontario on the York University campus.

Investing In Students' Futures

MITACS works with universities to identify graduate students and connect them with research opportunities with private businesses and public sector employers, such as hospitals.

Internships are available across all disciplines, including science and engineering, health and life sciences, arts and social sciences and business across the province.

Students benefit by working on-site with some of Ontario's business leaders and the most exciting up-and-coming companies.

About seven out of ten new jobs being created in Ontario will require postsecondary education, Ontario's economy is rapidly becoming knowledge-based. Our future economic growth will increasingly depend on our ability to innovate and stay ahead of the global competition.

Examples of MITACS Internships

Web Services

Increasingly, global business relies on the exchange of information between web services. It is crucial that these services correctly exchange messages. A computer science student from the University of Toronto will work with IBM at their Toronto Centre for Advanced Studies on a research tool that monitors "conversations" between web services to ensure that the sets of messages exchanged are correct. The project will study the possibility of extending this tool to check security and data-dependant properties of these conversations.

Environmental Protection

A geography and earth sciences masters student from McMaster University is interning with ENVIRON Canada Inc. to measure the concentrations of contaminants in two lakes in Northern Ontario. Comparisons between the two lakes - one which has an industrial site and one which does not - will provide insight into the amount of atmospheric contamination being deposited in the region.

Preserving Heritage Buildings

A PhD student from the School of Planning at the University of Waterloo will analyze and investigate the range of development opportunities in vacant historic buildings in the Kitchener-Waterloo area for the JG Group of Companies. The research will be used to develop a list of buildings suitable for adaptive reuse which, in turn, will help preserve sites of cultural significance.

Materials Testing

A York University Masters student from the faculty of earth and space science will intern with Physical Plant Improvements Inc to analyze new non-destructive ultrasonic tests that will be used to measure strength, flexibility and extent of wear of fiber reinforced polymer composites (such as fiberglass) during manufacturing and use. Currently, the material, used in industry, must be destroyed to test these properties.

Boosting Efficiency in Food Process

A University of Windsor engineering graduate student will develop advanced mathematical models and techniques to improve supply chain and logistics issues for Dainty Foods, a food processing, packaging and storage company. The project aims to reduce costs and improve responsiveness and efficiencies of company operations.



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