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Joy Warkentin 2009 Minister's Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

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Joy Warkentin 2009 Minister's Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

In a career that spanned over 40 years, Joy Warkentin established an outstanding record of influence and leadership in Ontario and across Canada.

Her academic background includes a Registered Nurse Diploma, a Diploma in Teaching and Supervision in Nursing, a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education.

She has been a leader for four decades. Her influence has been felt across Ontario and ultimately across Canada through her participation in many local, provincial, and national initiatives aimed at improving college education and the college system.

Warkentin has also helped to improve our heath care system. As a former nurse, nursing teacher, and Chair of Health Sciences at Confederation College, she developed a reputation for having key insight into Ontario's health care system.

She has brought her expertise and insight to numerous professional and community services including:

  • Board Member, Children's Aid Society London and Middlesex
  • Board Chair, Canadian Technology Human Resources Board
  • Member, Premier's Council Board
  • Chair, Health Restructuring Committee Premier's Council
  • Member, Premier's Council on Health, Wellness and Social Justice
  • Chair, Task Force on Review of Hospital Services
  • Chair, Association of District Health Councils of Ontario
  • Board Member, AIDS Committee of London
  • Board Member, The Ontario Council
  • Chair, Academic Managers' Group
  • Faculty Member, VP National Executive Leadership Institute
  • Chair, Academic Bargaining Team
  • Member, Fanshawe Capital Campaign Steering Committee
  • Co-Chair, Coordinating Committee of Vice-Presidents, Academic

Warkentin is a regular presenter on topics related to leadership and curriculum excellence at conferences sponsored by organizations including Colleges Ontario, the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario, and others. She is also very much in demand as a mentor.



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