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Governments Of Canada And Ontario Announce Infrastructure Funding For Ontario Post-Secondary Institutions

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Governments Of Canada And Ontario Announce Infrastructure Funding For Ontario Post-Secondary Institutions

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, and the Honourable John Milloy, Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, today launched a week of good news for Ontario's universities and colleges with the announcement of the first round of infrastructure investments delivering more than $1 billion in new funding for 28 projects at post-secondary institutions throughout Ontario.

These investments are funded by both levels of government and in some cases with contributions from the post-secondary institutions. The Ontario government in the 2009 Budget committed to invest $780 million in its colleges and universities to modernize facilities and boost long-term research and skills training capacity over the next two years. As part of Canada's Economic Action Plan, the Government of Canada introduced the Knowledge Infrastructure Program, a two-year, $2-billion economic stimulus measure to support infrastructure enhancement at Canadian post-secondary institutions. The joint funding announcement today celebrates the first round of projects to qualify under the program in Ontario. The second round of projects is to be announced May 29 2009.

The investment today totals more than $1.476 billion over two years, including $587 million in federal funding, $641.2 million in provincial funding, and $248.1 million from other funding sources, including the private sector, charitable contributions, and the universities and colleges themselves.

This infrastructure program will provide real economic stimulus and employment by creating jobs for engineers, architects, tradespeople and technicians. It is also helping to generate the advanced technological infrastructure needed to keep Canada's research and educational facilities at the forefront of scientific advancement.

Canada's Economic Action Plan sets out to stimulate the Canadian economy over the next two years and to improve our long-term competitiveness through $12 billion in new infrastructure investment, which includes the $2-billion Knowledge Infrastructure Program. This new support is the next substantive investment in the Government of Canada's multi-year Science and Technology Strategy, Mobilizing Science and Technology to Canada's Advantage.

Through the 2009 Ontario Budget - Confronting the Challenge: Building Our Economic Future - the province is investing $32.5 billion in infrastructure for the province of Ontario over the next two years, including a $5 billion contribution from the federal government, that will support more than 300,000 jobs and strengthen Ontario's economy.

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“Our government's investment provides significant short-term economic stimulus in local communities throughout Ontario, while at the same time strengthening Canada's long term capacity for research and innovation. The renewal of college and university facilities will encourage more world-class researchers to work in Canada and give them the tools they need to make further discoveries that will benefit Canadians and people around the world.”

Tony Clement

Minister of Industry

“Investing in the skills and knowledge of Ontarians is a cornerstone of our government's plan to strengthen the economy. With today's investments, we are supporting new construction and renovation projects which will create jobs in the short-term and provide more opportunities for our students to develop the skills they need to for the jobs of the future.”

John Milloy

Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities



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