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Ontario Promotes Labour Mobility

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Ontario Promotes Labour Mobility

McGuinty Government To Introduce Legislation To Attract Skilled Workers

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

Full labour mobility will help Ontario workers and industry succeed in a challenging economy by removing barriers to opportunity.

Under proposed legislation to be introduced later today, workers certified in any Canadian province or territory would be eligible for the same certification in Ontario without additional training or testing.  If passed, the Ontario Labour Mobility Act, 2009 would make it easier for workers to commence employment without long delays, with a few exceptions.

Earlier this year, all provinces and territories agreed to eliminate the barriers that prevent certified workers from moving between jurisdictions to work.  The proposed legislation would strengthen Ontario's economy by improving productivity and competitiveness.

Quick Facts

  • Approximately 80 regulatory authorities and 300 occupations in Ontario would benefit from labour mobility legislation.
  • If the legislation is passed, workers certified by another province or territory would be able to work in Ontario without additional training or testing. Some exceptions to full labour mobility may be necessary to protect such things as health and safety and consumers. Ontario’s exceptions are currently under consideration.
  • All provinces and the federal government endorsed changes to the Agreement on Internal Trade in January 2009 aimed at creating full mobility across Canada.

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“This is good news for Ontario. More Canadian workers would be free to move to find work where opportunities exist or where their skills are needed. Ontario employers would have a broader pool of qualified candidates and enjoy a simpler process for hiring workers from other parts of Canada.”

John Milloy

Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities

“Full labour market participation is vital to Ontario’s economic growth. By removing barriers to employment and allowing full labour mobility we are creating a healthier economic environment in Ontario. This means more jobs for Ontario workers.”

Peter Fonseca

Minister of Labour



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