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Modernizing Apprenticeship

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Modernizing Apprenticeship

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

A strong and modern skilled trades system is vital to Ontario's economic prosperity. The new Ontario College of Trades will promote careers in skilled trades and modernize our apprenticeship and skilled trades system.

The College will:

  • Promote careers in the trades and attract more people to them, especially youth and underrepresented groups
  • Take a leadership role in deciding how apprentices should be trained
  • Give the skilled trades sector ownership of critical decisions on issues such as compulsory certification and ratios
  • Help remove barriers and increase access for internationally trained workers
  • Conduct research to help make sure Ontario trains the right workers for the future

The College's membership will include journeypersons, employers and apprentices. It will provide a balanced approach to governance that considers the needs of these members, the economy and the public.

Ontario needs to train more skilled workers, and to ensure they are prepared to compete and win in tomorrow's economy. The government has already made significant progress by:

  • Attracting more people to apprenticeship through innovative program
  • Providing support to help people start and complete apprenticeships
  • Investing in equipment and infrastructure at colleges and industry training centres

As a result of these efforts, there are 120,000 Ontario apprentices learning a trade today - nearly 60,000 more than there were in 2003. The College of Trades will build on this success.

Upon royal assent of the Legislation, the College will be implemented in phases, and become fully operational by 2012.

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