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Ontario Strengthening Education, Protecting Students

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Ontario Strengthening Education, Protecting Students

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

The Ontario government is introducing new financial penalties in the Private Career College sector as part of its commitment to protect students and strengthen postsecondary education in Ontario. 

The government can levy multiple penalties on a college.  Penalties can be imposed daily and will escalate for repeat violations.  Penalties can be levied for a range of offences, including:

  • Failing to maintain a record of a student contract for at least three years
  • Not keeping complete information forms on instructor qualifications
  • Not providing students access to their transcripts for the required 25 years
  • Misleading advertising
  • Operating an unregistered Private Career College
  • Offering a vocational program that has not been approved by the Ministry

The government is also appointing new provincial offences officers and is boosting its Private Career College inspectors to more than double the number it had in 2004.

In addition to these new enforcement measures, the government is also launching a student awareness campaign aimed at making sure students make the right choice when it comes to getting a Private Career College education.


Students considering a Private Career College should visit Ontario.ca/pcc to find out if their program is government approved, before they enrol.  Students enrolled in unregistered colleges or unapproved programs are not protected by the Private Career Colleges Act.

Students should also make sure:

  • The Private Career College program meets the requirements of the profession they want to work in.
  • The program and the school are recognized by employers or other educational institutions.
  • The college has up-to-date facilities and equipment.
  • The total cost of the program is clear, including the application fee, tuition fees, books, equipment, transportation, and room and board.
  • They have a valid enrolment contract with the school.

Students can also call 1-866-410-PCCS or they can check out the Private Career Colleges in Ontario page on Facebook for more information.

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