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New Bursaries Will Help Newcomers Get Training And Experience

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New Bursaries Will Help Newcomers Get Training And Experience

McGuinty Government Reducing Financial Barriers To Help More Newcomers Succeed

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

A new education bursary is being introduced to help newcomers get the local training they need to find a job in their field.

The Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program will help cover the cost of short-term college and university bridge training programs that are not covered under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP).  The 19-month pilot project is expected to help more than 1,800 newcomers enter bridge training programs in high-demand fields.

The targeted, fast-track and flexible training provided by these programs helps skilled newcomers get jobs that match their education, skills, and experience. These programs also offer work experience such as internships, clinical placements, job shadowing and mentorships, as well as employment services such as interview preparation, labour market information and job search skills.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is investing $8 million over 19 months to provide bursaries to more than 1,800 students.
  • Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program bursaries provide up to $5,000 in financial assistance to help cover tuition, books and equipment costs.
  • Since 2003, Ontario's Bridge Training Programs have helped more than 35,000 newcomers get jobs and get licensed in their field.
  • About 70 per cent of Ontario's adult newcomers have post-secondary education or training.

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“This is an investment in people and our province. Ontario will reap the benefit many times over as participants enter into higher paying professions and fully participate in our economy. This bursary will also help us attract and retain foreign trained professionals to our province.”

John Milloy

Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities

“By providing bursaries to participants in Ontario's Bridge Training Programs, we are equipping newcomers with the necessary skills to access their field of employment. The bursaries will make these programs more accessible, ensuring that more newcomers are given the opportunity to contribute to a stronger Ontario.”

Dr. Eric Hoskins

Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

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