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Postsecondary Partners Endorse Mental Health Innovation Fund

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Postsecondary Partners Endorse Mental Health Innovation Fund

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

Ontario is strengthening mental health services for postsecondary students across the province as part of its Mental Health and Addictions Strategy. Here's what postsecondary partners are saying:

"Ontario universities are committed to helping students with mental health issues. We know that young people aged 15-24 - the age at which the majority of students attend university - are the demographic most likely to experience the onset of mental illnesses, and so we welcome these government initiatives that will help us take good care of the mental health of our future leaders."

--   Bonnie M. Patterson, COU President and CEO.

"This centre for innovation in campus mental health is the beginning of something remarkable. This is the first time such a wide range of community partners have come together to create innovative approaches to campus mental health. This will be a tremendous benefit to any student who needs help."

--   Linda Franklin,  President and CEO of Colleges Ontario

"Students across Ontario face significant academic, financial and social pressures that can negatively impact their mental health. Improving mental health awareness and services for students is an important part of ensuring our campuses are safe and supportive environments."

--   Sarah Jayne King, Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario

"Students would like to thank the government for this significant investment to improving the integration of Ontario's postsecondary mental health services, supporting innovative delivery methods, and sharing of best practices.  Students believe that the mental health innovation fund is an important step towards creating healthy campuses in Ontario that provide students with the support that they need to succeed."

--   Rylan Kinnon, OUSA Executive Director

"The mental health of Ontario's college students has been and continues to be a priority for the College Student Alliance. We are very pleased to see this action from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities." 

--   Tyler Epp, Director of Advocacy for the College Student Alliance

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