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What People Are Saying About Magnet


What People Are Saying About Magnet

"Helping graduates find meaningful careers is a top priority for Ontario's colleges. This innovative and resourceful tool allows students to make the essential connections needed in this competitive marketplace."

-- Linda Franklin, President and CEO, Colleges Ontario

"Youth and immigrant unemployment and underemployment are chronic issues facing Canada today. The disconnect between skilled students and immigrants and employers seeking new talent for their workplaces is part of the problem. So is the lack of clear and timely labour market information that can help people find the right job in the right place at the right time. Magnet promises a major step forward in solving these problems. Created by an effective partnership involving postsecondary education, government, businesses and communities, Magnet's easy-to-use but powerful website tool will connect people with employers and convey crucial labour market information. The potential is huge -- an economic win-win for individuals, companies and communities."

-- Dr. Michael Bloom, Vice-President, Industry and Business Strategy, the Conference Board of Canada

"Ontario universities are graduating men and women with the skills employers are looking for. Magnet will be an extremely important tool in helping graduates launch careers and allowing businesses to benefit from the many talents of tomorrow's leaders."

-- Bonnie M. Patterson, President and CEO, Council of Ontario Universities

"The Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) is excited to partner with Magnet to enable individuals and businesses in eastern Ontario to connect with the jobs and opportunities that matter most to them. EORN was founded with a mission to connect communities, families, and businesses in eastern Ontario with high-speed internet access. We look forward to working with Magnet on this exciting initiative."

-- Dave Burton, Chair, Eastern Ontario Regional Network

"Over the last decade, there has been a shift in the demands of the workforce -- something that vulnerable populations have not been adequately equipped to deal with. As an organization that works to provide vulnerable adults with innovative solutions that provide them with the skills they need for success, Essential Skills Ontario is excited to be part of such a forward-thinking initiative like Magnet that connects these individuals to better opportunities."

-- Lesley Brown, Executive Director, Essential Skills Ontario

"We see great potential to increase online networking and job-matching opportunities for all Ontario youth. Magnet takes significant steps to make this a reality. We look forward to working with the government of Ontario and Ryerson to expand access to Magnet, for at-risk youth and all job-seekers across the province."

-- Matt Wood, Executive Director, First Work

"Magnet is a powerful platform for connecting students with the opportunities and resources they need to succeed. We are very proud to partner with Ryerson University and Magnet, supporting the increasing number of young entrepreneurs planning, launching and growing their own businesses. Evidenced by start-up growth across Ontario, entrepreneurship has become a viable alternative to traditional employment and an option that students can easily consider and access using Magnet. We recognize the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for its important contribution to Magnet, and we look forward to continued partnership on this project."

--   Julia Deans, CEO, Futurpreneur Canada (formerly Canadian Youth Business Foundation)

"Any time we can build bridges between students and industry, it turns out to be immensely valuable to both parties. We support Magnet unreservedly and look forward to the continuing expansion of the program."

-- Karna Gupta, President and CEO, Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC)

"Immigrants bring a wealth of skills and experience to Toronto, but they often don't know how to navigate the job market and make connections in their field. We welcome the launch of Magnet and are proud to be partnering with this innovative new initiative, which will connect immigrants to meaningful employment opportunities. Magnet will also be a valuable resource to offer our employer partners, as we support them in their search for talent."

--   Margaret Eaton, Executive Director, Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC)

"Toronto Workforce Innovation Group, which is Toronto's Workforce Planning Board, was an early adopter of Magnet as a tool to connect job seekers with employers. We hear often from employers about the need for a co-ordinated, collaborative tool to match jobs with potential workers. We believe that Magnet will be an important tool in bridging that gap. The multiple and complex systems of employment-training service delivery will be well-served by Magnet. Connections -- co-ordination and effective collaboration are key."

-- Karen Lior, Executive Director, Toronto Workforce Innovation Group

"We are proud to support this opportunity that can connect career college students with employers.  This will enable meaningful jobs to be filled by qualified candidates."

- Serge Buy, CEO, National Association of Career Colleges

"With almost 100 members across Ontario, ONESTEP is committed to providing employers with a broad range of candidates, including youth, newcomers, mid-career and older -- who are job ready, eager to work and meet a company's skill needs. Providing innovative and responsive services to both customer groups enables us to advise on policies and programs that are effective to an ever-changing labour market. We are looking forward to using Magnet to advance our vision."

-- Ed Kothiringer, Executive Director, ONESTEP

"In a recent survey of individuals who had received a WES credential assessment for Citizenship and Immigration Canada's skilled worker program, 88 per cent of whom were still overseas,a strong majority indicated the most valuable additional service we could provide would be a database of job opportunities, and said they wanted a recommendation to opportunities based on the results of their assessment. The Magnet initiative helps to meet these expressed needs and builds opportunities for WES clients, both in Ontario and those still in the pre-arrival stage.

-- Timothy Owen, Director, World Education Services

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