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Ontario's Support for Summer Jobs

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Ontario's Support for Summer Jobs

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

Each year, Ontario's Summer Jobs programs help students earn money for school, gain work experience and contribute to Ontario's economy.

Programs offered by several Ontario ministries help students search for job, start a summer business, or gain experience working for an Ontario government ministry.

Summer Jobs programs include:

Summer Jobs Service (Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, and Ministry of Northern Development and Mines)

This program helps students 15-30 years old who are planning to return to school build their résumés and find summer jobs. The program is offered year-round through the Employment Ontario network and seasonally through Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs resource centres and the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines offices. It offers $2 per hour hiring incentives for employers offering jobs to students. In the summer of 2014, the program provided more than 47,000 jobs and services.

Summer Company (Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure)

Summer Company provides students with hands-on business training, mentoring and awards of up to $3,000 to start and run their own summer businesses. Students 15-29 years old returning to school in the fall are eligible. The program helps students develop useful skills such as sales, marketing, invoicing, bookkeeping as well as customer relationship and time management.

Jobs for Youth (Ministry of Children and Youth Services)

This program provides a paid job placement for up to eight weeks over the summer, along with training before and after the job placement. Youth 15-18 years old in select communities are eligible. Participants in the program learn about résumé writing and interview skills, while gaining work experience and developing life skills.

Stewardship Youth Ranger Program (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

Students born in 1998 can apply to be a Stewardship Youth Ranger and work on local natural resource management projects for eight weeks each summer. There are 45 teams in communities across the province in 2015; each team requires a team lead who may be any age and may or may not be a student. Stewardship Youth Ranger jobs will be posted on www.ontario.ca/careers between March 6 and April 24, 2015.

Aboriginal Youth Work Exchange Program (Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry)

Students that self-identify as Aboriginal can apply for an eight week summer job working on natural resource management projects. This program focuses on job-skills readiness and personal development.  Students may have the opportunity to remain with the program over three consecutive summers. Aboriginal students 15-24 years old, or up to 29 years old with a disability are eligible. Jobs are posted each year between March and June, on www.ontario.ca/careers and in places like band offices and Friendship Centres.

Summer Employment Opportunities (Ministry of Government and Consumer Services)

Through the Summer Employment Opportunities program, more than 5,000 students are hired each year in a variety of summer positions across the Ontario Public Service, its related agencies and community groups. Students apply in two posting periods, ending on March 1 and April 5 2015.

Students and families can go to www.ontario.ca/readysetwork and click on looking for summer work to get a description of each summer jobs program, along with more detailed information on eligibility requirements and application deadlines.

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