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Ontario Strengthens French-Language Services at York University

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Ontario Strengthens French-Language Services at York University

Glendon Campus Granted Partial Designation under French Language Services Act

Ontario is reaffirming its commitment to support high-quality postsecondary education to francophone students in Central and Southwestern Ontario by officially recognizing York University, Glendon Campus as a provider of French-language services.

The province has granted York University's request for partial designation as a French-language service provider under the French Language Services Act. While the institution already offers a number of undergraduate programs and academic services in French, the partial designation will legally require York University, Glendon Campus to continue to do so going forward.

The new designation came into effect on March 1, 2016, and will formalize York University, Glendon Campus' commitment to serve Francophones in their language, including the more than 2,700 francophone and francophile students currently enrolled at the university's Glendon Campus.

Ensuring that Francophones have access to services such as postsecondary education in French is part of the government's economic plan to build Ontario up and deliver on its number-one priority to grow the economy and create jobs. The four-part plan includes investing in talent and skills, including helping more people get and create the jobs of the future by expanding access to high-quality college and university education. The plan is making the largest investment in public infrastructure in Ontario's history and investing in a low-carbon economy driven by innovative, high-growth, export-oriented businesses. The plan is also helping working Ontarians achieve a more secure retirement.

Quick Facts

  • March 17-24, 2016 is La Semaine de la Francophonie in Toronto.
  • York University, at its Glendon Campus, is the main university offering French-language instruction in central and southwestern Ontario.
  • York University is the sixth postsecondary institution to obtain either a full or partial designation under the French Language Services Act. Other postsecondary institutes designated under the Act are Université de Hearst, La Cité collégiale, Collège Boréal, Laurentian University/Université Laurentienne and University of Ottawa/Université d'Ottawa.
  • In 2014-15, the government invested more than $88 million to support French-language postsecondary education, including over $13 million from the federal government — an increase of more than 72 per cent since 2003-04.
  • In total, 239 transfer payment agencies or similar entities are designated under the Act. Most of these organizations had been providing services in French for a number of years prior to their designation.
  • More than 611,000 Francophones live in Ontario — the largest French-speaking community in Canada outside Québec.
  • Designation under the Act ensures that services and programs specifically identified by the university in the regulation will continue to be offered in French.

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“The designation reflects York University’s commitment towards postsecondary French education. It strengthens access to College and University-level studies and programs in French as well as representing an important lever for fostering the growth of the Francophone community. This is a significant investment in the province’s prosperity.”

Madeleine Meilleur

Minister Responsible for Francophone Affairs

“Our government is proud to grant York University, Glendon Campus partial designation as a French-language service provider. Ensuring that Francophone students in Ontario have widespread access to quality French-language programs is a key priority for our government, and I look forward to continuing to work with our institutions to support environments that allow students to learn in their own language and get the skills they need to get good jobs.”

Reza Moridi

Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities

“The partial designation of York University under the French Language Services Act is a welcome recognition of our 50-year history of providing exceptional French and bilingual education at our Glendon Campus. We are deeply committed to meeting the emerging needs of Francophone students in central and southwestern Ontario by continuing to expand the number and range of programs offered in French while maintaining Glendon’s high academic standards.”

Mamdouh Shoukri

President and Vice-Chancellor, York University

“With 50 years of experience in the provision of French-language programs and services in Toronto and as the only university campus in Southern Ontario offering a range of university programs in French, Glendon is well positioned to play a key role in the provision of French-language university education in this part of the province.”

Donald Ipperciel

Principal, Glendon College

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