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Support for Changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program

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Support for Changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

"These are sweeping improvements that will dramatically improve financial aid for our students. Students will receive more grants, and for many of them, tuition will be free. We're extremely proud of the advocacy we have done and our ability to work with the government to enact these major improvements for students."

-- Spencer Nestico-Semianiw, President, Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance and Vice-President, Education, McMaster Students Union.

"CSA is thrilled to see the 2016 Budget reflects current realities. By implementing the Ontario Student Grant, the government has committed to a more accessible sector for all students seeking a college education. We applaud the government for listening to student concerns regarding OSAP's parental contributions and the Ontario Tuition Grant program. Today's announcement showed the government's commitment to making postsecondary education accessible to all students. CSA is proud to be part of the process. "

-- Jeff Scherer, President, College Student Alliance

"The new Ontario Student Grant is a reflection of our advocacy and an affirmation that government has taken student concerns and suggestions seriously."

-- Rajean Hoilett, Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario

"The new Ontario Student Grant is an important step in helping students from low-income backgrounds access the many individual, social and economic benefits of a university education."

-- Judy Bates, President, Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations

"Increasing access to postsecondary education is critical for the long-term success of young people, especially those facing barriers like poverty and racialization. It is one of the key goals of United Way's Youth Success Strategy and it is very encouraging to see the Ontario government make it a key priority in this year's Budget."

-- Pedro Barata, Vice-President Communications and Public Affairs, United Way Toronto and York Region

"The Government of Ontario is a valued partner of Pathways to Education. With their support, we have been able to help thousands of students from low-income communities graduate from high school and successfully transition to postsecondary education. The new Ontario Student Grant will be instrumental in encouraging more of our students to attend postsecondary programs by providing the required funding in one simplified program."

-- Sue Gillespie, CEO, Pathways to Education

"There is a clear commitment to college education and helping greater numbers of students pursue the career-specific programs at colleges. The Budget measures will help more people find rewarding careers and help businesses to become more innovative and create more jobs. The government is committed to producing a stronger workforce for the new economy."

-- David Agnew, Chair, Colleges Ontario

"The tuition sticker price is not the real measure of the cost of university tuition. Ontario has one of the most generous student aid programs in Canada, and when you consider the net costs of tuition - which is the actual price students pay once financial aid is factored in - most students will pay much less. University students currently receive almost $2 billion in financial aid through OSAP. A major part of this assistance is to meet tuition costs. This new system will provide a more accurate reflection of the actual lower cost of tuition in Ontario and encourage greater participation in postsecondary education. "

-- David Lindsay, President and CEO, Council of Ontario Universities

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