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Ontario Helping People Facing Employment Barriers Get Construction Jobs: Supportive Quotes

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Ontario Helping People Facing Employment Barriers Get Construction Jobs: Supportive Quotes

"Government is looking at new ways to assist disadvantaged and equity-seeking communities with employment opportunities. We support this initiative by working with industry to ensure all contractors working on AFP projects submit and implement apprenticeship plans."

-- Ehren Cory, Divisional President, Infrastructure Ontario

"The community benefits declaration and the Public Infrastructure Construction Pathways Pilot Project is a promising example of innovative social policy. By ensuring that Ontario's infrastructure development is improving employment and training opportunities within neighbourhoods, industry, government, labour, and community partners are working together to strengthen inclusive local economies. The aim is to provide practical training and create good jobs for individuals who are facing employment challenges, while also supporting business competitiveness and economic growth in Ontario."

-- Sandy Houston, President and CEO, Metcalf Foundation

"The Crosstown project is pioneering the community benefits approach. It is precedent-setting for future Metrolinx projects, establishing a model for collaboration between government, business and community partners that can be applied to infrastructure improvement in Toronto for years to come."

-- Bruce McCuaig, President and CEO, Metrolinx

"We're excited about the Eglinton Crosstown LRT/Public Infrastructure Construction Pathways Pilot Project. It's demonstrating how residents can work with representatives from labour, business and government to deliver the highest return on every infrastructure investment. This kind of collaboration promises to create decent work for more people, and to share the benefits of economic growth more equitably across the province."

-- Colette Murphy, Executive Director, Atkinson Foundation

"Finally an infrastructure build that will create decent jobs for people who need it most. This is a visionary model we need to see more of. We credit the partners who have been involved in this process making the opportunities for real careers that our communities are looking forward to. The Toronto Community Benefits Network was established four years ago as a community-labour alliance to realize this goal."

-- Rosemarie Powell, Executive Director, Toronto Community Benefits Network

"This historic agreement is truly a win-win for a stronger economy and society. The project will help create a strong, skilled labour force that meets employer demand. At the same time, it will help tackle poverty by creating new career pathways and business opportunities for people who otherwise may not benefit from infrastructure investments. We look forward to working with all partners in creating lasting, positive change for so many in our region."

-- Daniele Zanotti, President and CEO, United Way Toronto and York Region

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