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Support for Changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program

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Support for Changes to the Ontario Student Assistance Program

Ministry of Colleges and Universities

"An outstanding number of Ontarians are heading to post-secondary institutions this week thanks to the new OSAP. For some time, the College Student Alliance has advocated for stronger financial supports. The new OSAP answered our call. Individuals who once thought they could never afford college can now achieve their dreams. It's not too late for you to join them- apply for OSAP today: ontario.ca/OSAP."

- Joel Willett, President, College Student Alliance

"With the new OSAP, the province is taking important steps towards making post-secondary education more accessible and affordable. Many students stand to benefit from these changes to student financial assistance, perhaps none more so than those who believed higher education was financially out of reach and now have access to non-repayable grants to help them pursue their dreams."

- Nour Alideeb, Chairperson, Canadian Federation of Students - Ontario

"Students are very pleased about the recent initiatives that the government has taken to make post-secondary education more affordable and accessible. Initiatives such as the new OSAP and Open Textbook Library are important steps towards ensuring that finances are not a barrier to education. They will help reduce the financial stresses impacting current students, and will allow for students who can't otherwise afford to attend post-secondary education to be given an opportunity to succeed."

 - Andrew Clubine, President, Ontario Undergraduate Student Alliance

"At Algonquin College we believe in the potential of every student to turn their dreams into careers and have a positive impact in our communities. That is why we applaud the government of Ontario for rolling out increased supports for low and middle-income students that will transform lives and allow us to support more dreamers in their path to success. We want to thank Minister Matthews for taking the time to come and meet with our student leaders who inspire us every day."

- Cheryl Jensen, President, Algonquin College

"Algonquin College students were happy to have an opportunity to engage with Minister Matthews this morning and talk about the issues that affect us and the hope we have for the future. We welcomed the Minister's words about OSAP because financial concerns should not be barriers to access. The changes to OSAP will make sure 75 per cent of students will have fewer financial worries as they pursue their studies."

- Victoria Ventura, President, Algonquin College Student Association

"St. Lawrence College puts students first and we welcome any supports that make education more accessible to our communities in eastern Ontario. The new Ontario Student Assistance Program creates opportunity for many students who might not have been able to afford a college education."

- Glenn Vollebregt, President and CEO, St. Lawrence College

"The changes to OSAP and the implementation of free tuition is an extremely positive change for the students of SLC. Students in Ontario and at SLC now have increased access to education, with significant decreases in financial burdens. The OSAP adjustments make it possible for more students to acquire the post-secondary education that they require in order to be successful!"

- Beth Insley, President and Executive Director, Kingston Student Association, St. Lawrence College

"We applaud the government for redesigning OSAP, providing unprecedented financial support and streamlining the process. Improving OSAP benefits the University of Guelph and all other Ontario universities by ensuring that more motivated, qualified students have access to a quality education, enabling them to reach their full potential."

- Franco Vaccarino, President, University of Guelph

"As a result of the changes to OSAP, with the new Ontario Student Grant and the creation of the net tuition billing strategy, some people are now getting more OSAP than ever before, but the lack of information surrounding eligibility is leaving people confused and unsure about how funds will be distributed based on need.  While students are happy to see that the government is working to improve the structure of OSAP, students in Ontario continue to feel the effects of paying the highest level of tuition fees across the country, and are still working towards the victory of free education."

-  Chelsea Mulvate, President, University of Guelph Central Student Association

"Mohawk is committed to making a college education accessible to everyone in our community. The new Ontario Student Assistance Program will help us achieve that goal by reducing financial barriers for Mohawk students and lowering debt levels for our future-ready graduates."

- Ron McKerlie, Mohawk College President

"Nearly 75 per cent of Mohawk College students rely on the Ontario Student Assistance Program and the supports and services offered by the Mohawk Students' Association are heavily used. The changes made to OSAP mean the students we represent will spend less time worrying about how to make ends meet and more time focusing on what they're learning in their programs."

- Samantha Hoover, Mohawk Students' Association President

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