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McGuinty Government To Strengthen Our Democracy And Improve The Way Government Serves People

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McGuinty Government To Strengthen Our Democracy And Improve The Way Government Serves People

Ministry of the Attorney General

TORONTO - The McGuinty government is delivering on its positive plan for change by taking steps to strengthen democracy in Ontario, so government becomes more effective in the way it delivers vital services to people, Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal Michael Bryant said today.

"We are delivering positive change to ensure that our democracy becomes more relevant and accessible to people," said Bryant. "People must have more and better opportunities to participate, so we can have a government that works for people, for a change."

The government introduced legislation today that would, if passed, extend the provisions of the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act to Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation. The government also announced that it would amend a regulation of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act that would extend its provisions to the provincial hydro companies.

Later this week, the government will introduce legislation that would, if passed: require Cabinet ministers to attend at least two-thirds of Question Periods in the Legislature; give the Provincial Auditor the power to conduct value-for-money audits of institutions and programs in the broader public sector, such as hospitals, school boards and Crown-controlled corporations; and ban partisan government advertising.

Bryant also announced plans to reach out to Ontarians and engage them in the most ambitious democratic renewal process in Ontario history, including fixed election dates, new ways to engage young people and innovative tools that could include Internet and telephone voting.

"We are delivering positive change so Ontarians become engaged in our democracy as never before, improving the way our government does its job, and by extension, the vital public services the government delivers," said Bryant. "It's time for positive change in government, through a democracy changed by the people, for the people."

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