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McGuinty Government Appoints Senior Judge To Examine And Report On Meat Inspection System

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McGuinty Government Appoints Senior Judge To Examine And Report On Meat Inspection System

Ministry of the Attorney General

TORONTO - The McGuinty government is appointing a senior judge, Mr. Justice Roland J. Haines of the Superior Court of Justice, to examine and report on Ontario's meat regulation and inspection system, Attorney General Michael Bryant announced today.

"Our goal is to get timely recommendations to improve the meat regulation and inspection system in Ontario," said Bryant. "We want to move forward as quickly as possible without compromising the ongoing related police investigations. In carrying out his independent examination, the justice will review meat regulation and inspection so that we can make systemic improvements."

Justice Haines has been a Superior Court justice in southwestern Ontario since 1991, adjudicating virtually every type of criminal and civil case. He has also served as the administrative judge responsible for the administration of the courts in London, Ontario, for several years, and has been the judge designated with responsibility for class proceedings in southwestern Ontario since 1993. Prior to that he practised civil litigation and administrative law for 18 years.

Justice Haines will examine the roles and responsibilities of various provincial ministries as well as local health units with respect to provincial abattoirs and free-standing meat processors. His work will include an assessment of the current regulatory standards and the coordination of inspection, compliance and enforcement. Justice Haines has also been asked to study other jurisdictions and identify best practices, to ensure that Ontario makes use of the best available methods.

"I want to thank Justice Haines for agreeing to undertake this important assignment," said Bryant. "Our government has every confidence that his work will produce valuable recommendations, which we look forward to implementing."

The report is expected to be completed by April 30, 2004.

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