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McGuinty Government Calls For Greater Judicial Role In Administration Of Courts

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McGuinty Government Calls For Greater Judicial Role In Administration Of Courts

Ministry of the Attorney General

TORONTO - The Ontario government will make it a priority to fundamentally re-examine courts administration to give judges a greater role in the administration of the courts, Attorney General Michael Bryant said today.

Bryant was speaking at the annual Opening of Courts ceremony in Toronto.

"I envisage a new era of unprecedented collaboration with the judiciary to ensure a greater judicial role in courts administration," he said. "Our goal is not only to ensure the strength and vitality of judicial independence, but also to ensure the best possible quality of justice for all Ontarians."

The government intends to look at different models that, if adopted, would make the administration more arm's length from the ministry.

"Among these are models that could mean much more judicial control and much less executive control over courts administration," he said.

Bryant, who is also Minister Responsible for Democratic Renewal, said that the judiciary and the legislature have separate but equally important roles in the pursuit of justice. He said that the justice system, led by an independent judiciary, is a check and balance on government and the legislature.

The Attorney General also said that he is committed to reviewing the way justices of the peace are appointed.

"Justices of the peace are playing an increasingly important role in our justice system, and are being called upon to look at increasingly complex issues," said Bryant. "It is my intention to review this process with a view to ensuring that only the best candidates are appointed, and that they are appointed in the fairest and most transparent way possible."

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