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$51 Million Guns and Gangs-Related Initiatives

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$51 Million Guns and Gangs-Related Initiatives

Ministry of the Attorney General

The McGuinty government has built a strong foundation for getting guns and gangs out of Ontario communities. The $51 million crime package announced by Premier Dalton McGuinty in January 2006, is getting guns off our streets, taking aim at the causes of crime, and making our towns and cities safer.

Our 2007 report card shows the McGuinty government has delivered on every facet of the guns and gangs initiative announced last year.

1,000 new officers on the street
  • 500 assigned to community prevention and enforcement, including street patrols, traffic enforcement and school visits
  • More than 200 officers across the province assigned to guns and gangs and youth crimes
  • 250 new officers deployed in Toronto.
Operations Centre for highly-coordinated investigations and prosecutions of gun and gang-related offences Centre now opened and operating with approximately 270 staff and the latest security and technology for forensic testing and other investigative techniques. Check
Stronger provincial weapons enforcement Expanded OPP led Provincial Weapons Enforcement Unit to 58 officers to crack down on illegal distribution of firearms by street gangs. Check
Expanded Guns and Gangs Task Force
  • 64 Crown prosecutors and victim services staff are now involved in five project prosecutions that include 275 arrests and 2500 charges
  • Hired additional probation and parole officers to conduct assessments on individuals accused of gun and gangs-related crimes.
Better tools for police
  • 15 video cameras installed in a pilot project in areas of Toronto where street crime and gun violence have been a problem
  • Expanded Centre of Forensic Sciences allowing more firearms testing and DNA analysis.
Establish Major Crimes Courts The first major crimes courtroom, designed to increase the criminal justice system's capacity to respond to large-scale, gun and gang-related prosecutions is ready for use, located at 361 University Avenue in Toronto. Check



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