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Addressing Hate Crimes

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Addressing Hate Crimes

The Grants Program

Ministry of the Attorney General

The McGuinty government is providing 23 grants to community organizations across the province that will provide information and resources to victims and communities often targeted by hate merely on the basis of their race, ethnicity, religion or sexual identity.

Applications from organizations were reviewed and evaluated by a committee composed of six community members, a senior ministry staff member and a member of the board of the Office for Victims of Crime.

The Office for Victims of Crime is an agency that advises the Attorney General on ways to ensure that the principles set out in the Victims' Bill of Rights are respected.

The Hate Crimes Community Working Group

The grants program responds to recommendations of the Hate Crimes Community Working Group, which was established to offer the government advice on how to better address hate and support victims of hate crimes.

During 2006, the Working Group consulted more than 600 Ontarians to receive input. It conducted an on-line questionnaire to gather stakeholder views on hate crime issues, incidents and victimization, and also reviewed best practices in other provinces and countries.

In December 2006, the government released the final report of the Hate Crimes Community Working Group.

The government then struck a committee to implement recommendations of the Working Group that came within Ontario's jurisdiction. The government has developed many new projects and initiatives to address hate crimes since that time, including the Community Hate-crimes Response Grants.

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