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Holding Domestic Violence Offenders Accountable

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Holding Domestic Violence Offenders Accountable

McGuinty Government Supports Partner Assault Response Program

Ministry of the Attorney General

LONDON -- The McGuinty government is supporting victims through the Partner Assault Response program by ensuring that roughly 400 additional domestic violence offenders receive group counselling this year.

The Partner Assault Response program:

  • Helps abusers learn non-violent ways of dealing with personal and family stress
  • Delivers specialized group sessions to help abusers examine and change their attitudes toward domestic violence
  • Provides referrals to victims for safety planning, counselling, housing and other options that help women and children rebuild their lives,
  • Provides victims with information about offenders, including whether there may be a continuing safety risk.

Across the province, the government is investing more than $550,000 in one-time funding for Partner Assault Response programs this year. This funding is in addition to the program's $8.6 million annual budget.

Attorney General Chris Bentley, accompanied by London-Fanshawe MPP Khalil Ramal, announced the additional funding at Changing Ways in London.

"The McGuinty government supports this program, that both helps victims and provides counselling and education for abusers," said Bentley. "We are pleased to work with excellent community agencies, such as Changing Ways, to help make sure that people who have abused their partners are held accountable and that women and children can live free of fear and violence in their homes."

"The Partner Assault Response program benefits our whole community by helping to prevent violence against women," said Ramal.

Changing Ways is receiving an additional $48,965.

"The additional funding this year will help us meet increasing service demands to hold abusers accountable, help prevent women abuse from happening and ensure more victims get the support they need when they need it," said Changing Ways Executive Director Tim Kelly. 

"This investment affirms our government's continuing commitment to ensure women live free from violence," said Deb Matthews, Minister of Children and Youth Services, Minister Responsible for Women's Issues and MPP for London North Centre.  "By enhancing victim safety the Partner Assault Response program makes our communities stronger and safer."

The Partner Assault Response program is an integral part of the McGuinty government's response to domestic violence.  The government is committed to making the justice system more accessible and responsive to the needs of victims of crime.  

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