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Making Cyberspace Safer

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Making Cyberspace Safer

McGuinty Government Helping Kids Stay Safe Online

Ministry of the Attorney General

TORONTO -- Ontario is promoting cyber safety to help kids avoid online predators.

The province is working in partnership with youth television network YTV and the Canadian Centre for Child Protection:

  • YTV developed a series of animated television announcements with tips on Internet safety in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Police.  The announcements direct viewers to a cyber safety game and more tips on YTV's website.
  • The province is also distributing three guides for the parents of children between 8 and 13 years old to help parents understand what their children are doing in cyberspace.  Developed by the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, the guides will be sent home through schools across Ontario and are also available online.

Ontario's strategy to combat Internet child pornography and luring recognizes that these crimes can be committed anywhere a computer is found.  Everyone, including parents, teachers, media, police, charities and governments must work together to protect children, stop the offences and support victims.

In 2007, police completed 1,353 Internet child pornography and luring investigations and laid 539 charges.

"Kids today spend a lot of time online, and we all need to work together to keep them safe from predators," said Community Safety and Correctional Services Minister Rick Bartolucci.

"The partnerships we are fostering bring together education, investigation and prosecution to help keep our children safe.  It's a strategy that's working."

"We are teaching kids how to protect themselves online," said Attorney General Chris Bentley.  "Working with progressive organizations like the Canadian Centre for Child Protection helps parents keep up with the latest online trends their children are following."

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