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Ontario Compensating Victims of Violent Crime

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Ontario Compensating Victims of Violent Crime

McGuinty Government Marks Victims Of Crime Awareness Week

Ministry of the Attorney General

Eight thousand victims of violent crime and their families will benefit from the largest single commitment to victim support ever made by an Ontario government.

The province is making $100 million available to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board, Ontario's agency responsible for awarding compensation to victims of violent crime. The funding will help the board speed up the process of compensating victims.

People may be eligible for compensation if:

  • They have been injured as a result of a crime of violence committed in Ontario
  • They are responsible for the care of a victim of crime and suffered a loss of income or had expenses as a result of the victim's injury or death
  • They are the dependant of a deceased victim, in the case of murder
  • They were injured while trying to prevent a crime or while helping a police officer make an arrest.

Since February 2007, the Province has provided an extra $14.75 million to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board to provide compensation to victims and improve the hearing process. As a result, the board has reduced its caseload by hearing over 40 per cent more cases in the past year -- which means over 1,000 more victims received compensation payouts faster.

Attorney General Chris Bentley made the announcement as part of National Victims of Crime Awareness Week (April 13-19).

Quick Facts

  • In the last year, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board heard approximately 3,500 cases and received approximately 3,300 applications.
  • To be eligible:
    • The claim must be filed within two years of the date of the incident. A request for an extension of this time limit may be granted.
    • The claim for a minor victim, one under 18 years of age, must be signed by a parent, guardian, legal representative or other responsible adult.

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“Victims of violent crime should be compensated as quickly as possible. The funding we are providing today will speed up the compensation process. Our government is committed to supporting victims in a timely, compassionate and respectful manner.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General

“The government should be credited for demonstrating its commitment to victims by setting aside this large amount of money for compensation and ensuring the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board has the flexibility to better respond to the needs of victims.”

Marsha Greenfield

Chair, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board



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