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Support For The McGuinty Government's Anti-gun Smuggling Proposals

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Support For The McGuinty Government's Anti-gun Smuggling Proposals

Ministry of the Attorney General

Today Ontario outlined three new ways the federal government can build on Ontario-led initiatives to help stem the flow of illegal guns coming into Canada from the United States, without slowing cross-border trade.

Here's what people are saying about Ontario's proposals:

"Ministers Bentley and Bartolucci have put forward easy to implement, practical solutions to stop the flow of illegal guns across the Canada-US border and through our community, without impeding cross-border trade," said Kim Craitor, MPP Niagara Falls.

"Handguns are a significant threat to public safety for all Canadians," said Wendy Southall, Niagara Regional Police Chief. "The three anti-gun smuggling measures proposed by Ministers Bentley and Bartolucci will help the Niagara Regional Police Service and our law enforcement partners at the border to stem the flow of illegal firearms at the source."

"We are grateful that Ontario is calling on the federal government to fulfill its international obligations to combat the illegal arms trade and to implement gun marking regulations immediately," said Wendy Cukier, President of the Coalition for Gun Control.  "Canada's international leadership on this issue is slipping. We need action."



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