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Support For Justice On Target

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Support For Justice On Target

Ministry of the Attorney General

Today Ontario launched Justice on Target, the province's plan for faster, focused criminal justice by targeting 30 per cent reductions in the provincial average of days and court appearances needed to complete a criminal case.

Here's what people are saying about the new strategy:

"Access to justice is the key issue facing Ontario's justice system today," said the Honourable Warren Winkler, Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal for Ontario. "I applaud the Attorney General for taking decisive action to reduce delays in our criminal courts. This initiative serves as an important step to enhancing timely, accessible and effective criminal justice."

"Attorney General Chris Bentley is to be commended for once again showing leadership and initiative to strengthen and improve our justice system," said Gavin MacKenzie, Treasurer of the Law Society of Upper Canada.

"The members of the Criminal Lawyers Association, Canada's largest criminal law speciality organization, are pleased that the Attorney General is looking for more effective ways to deliver justice," said Frank Addario, President of the Criminal Lawyers Association. "The members of the independent criminal bar are keenly aware of the impact that the ineffective use of resources has on access to justice. We think delay reduction targets are a good first step."

"The Police Association of Ontario supports this initiative. We believe a more effective justice system will lead to safer communities," said Bruce Miller, Chief Administrative Officer of the Police Association of Ontario.

"The Ontario Bar Association has been a strong, consistent voice for accountability and transparency in Ontario's justice system," said Greg Goulin, President of the Ontario Bar Association. "We believe that the measures outlined to reduce delay and refocus criminal justice are a major step forward to improving effectiveness and restoring the confidence of the public and the legal profession."

"The County and District Law Presidents' Association (CDLPA) is pleased this issue is being addressed. CDLPA's own Judicial Resources Survey identified, among other things, the need for just such an initiative," said Randall S. Bocock, Chair of CDLPA. "CDLPA looks forward to working with the Ministry of the Attorney General on the implementation details."

"Legal Aid Ontario is committed to working with the province to make the criminal justice system more effective for all of its users," said John McCamus, Chair of Legal Aid Ontario.



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