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New Judges Will Improve Access To Justice In Ontario

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New Judges Will Improve Access To Justice In Ontario

Ministry of the Attorney General

Ontario welcomes the federal government's promise to appoint eight new federal judges and is ready to put them in place when they are appointed.

The Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Justice has the responsibility to assign judges. It is expected that six new federal judges will be placed in courts with a high volume of family cases. Two additional Superior Court judges will likely be appointed to support the Specific Claims Tribunal, a newly created independent federal tribunal to resolve First Nations' specific claims.

The Superior Court of Justice needs these new judges because of increased caseload resulting from population growth over the past 15 years. The new judges will help protect women and children by resolving family cases faster.

Quick Facts

  • The Superior Court of Justice has jurisdiction over criminal, civil and family cases.
  • The federal government pays the salaries of Superior Court judges; the province pays for costs related to administrative support and facilities.
  • The appointment of eight new judges would increase the number of regular judges of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to 231.

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“For over four years, we've asked for 12 new federal judges to relieve pressure on our family courts. The promise of eight new federal judges is a good start. As soon as they are appointed, they will improve access to justice by helping to address delays, particularly in family courts where vulnerable children and families are involved.”

Chris Bentley

Attorney General



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